Sean O’Brien is a Brighton based Illustrator who uses visual language to explore character-driven narratives. His core practice involves observational drawing, visual scribing, writing, and taking a pencil for a walk. You can see more of Sean’s work with Minute Books, a performative press that uses live scribing and design to document events. Sean uses traditional drawing-based methods alongside digital colouring to capture the fun and playful moments in everyday life.
He has worked with clients such as Ambit, Canvas8, IFLA, Tortoise Media, The Barbican, Cancer Research UK and, has co-directed two projects with Minute Books which were featured on It's Nice That and also in the Observer.


Vedett Extra Blond

Illustration + branding

Illustrated rebrand for Vedett’s beer “Extra Blond” with a relaxed Polar Beer.
A firm favourite among the Belgians and international cycling fanatics, Vedett is known for its colourful beer bottles and mascots for each beer.